Surv. Hafiz Azeez

Structure and Functions

The Department is structured into two (2) Divisions namely:

i.             Mapping;

ii.           Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing  


i.             Formulating policies on geospatial and Attribute Database Management

ii.           Scanning and printing of maps for the Federal Government

iii.         Acquisition of aerial photography and satellite imageries;

iv.          Producing and marketing of street guides for the Federal Government and on the request from State Government 

v.           Responsibility for the use of photogrammetric process in mapping for the Federal Government;

vi.          Conducting remote sensing mapping for the Federation;

vii.        Providing all geospatial information for the country;

viii.      Responsible for digital mapping and establishment of geospatial Data Infrastructure; and

ix.          Preparation of specifications for mapping at various scales.