Structure and Functions

The Department is structured into two (3) Divisions namely:

i.         Marketing and Sales ii.       Product and Service Packaging; and

iii.      Business Development


i.     Carry out market research on Geospatial products and services;          

ii.     Determination of appropriate pricing for Geospatial products and services rendered by the Office;        

iii.     Execution of rebranding and packaging of Geospatial products and service as dictated by changes in our environment;         

iv.     Development of holistic plan for Geospatial products and services;          

v.     Promotion and showing of the usefulness of Geospatial Information to sustainable development;         

vi.     Establishment of sales outlet in various states, international/local airports, seaports and other strategic locations;       

vii.     Improve and develop plans for Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of OSGoF;     

viii.     Representing OSGoF both locally and internationally in all activities that will increase revenue generation of the country from Geospatial products and services;         

ix.     Collaboration with relevant MDA’s of Countries and development partners for the provision of Geospatial Information products and services;          

x.     Development of Standard MOU templates consistent with the activities of OSGoF for all necessary collaborations; and          

xi.     Any other duties as assigned by SGoF.