Surv. Kolade Fagunleka

Structure and Functions

The Department is structured into three (3) Divisions namely:

  1. Land Boundary East;
  2. Land Boundary West; and
  • Maritime Boundary


  1. Liaise with the National Boundary Commission and International Joint Commission on International Boundaries
  2. Delineation and demarcation of Nigeria’s International Boundaries;
  • Preparation of specifications for international boundary demarcations and survey
  1. Delineation and demarcation of Nigeria’s Maritime boundaries;
  2. Attending meetings and organizing meetings on international Boundary matters;
  3. Maintenance of Nigeria’s International Boundaries;
  • Proffer solution to all lingering issues on Nigeria’s maritime and land
  • Advise the Surveyor-General of the Federation on the best way to tackle international boundary issues;
  1. Organizing seminars workshops training for stakeholders on boundary issues in conjunction with National Boundary Commission where applicable; and
  2. Determination of the Seaward boundary of coastal states and
    computation of areas of coastal states, amongst others.