Surv. Nwakanma Emmauel Chukwudi

Structure and Functions

The Department is structured into two (2) Divisions namely:
i. Police and Paramilitary Survey; and
ii. Intelligence Survey.
i. Production of Special Maps at various scales for the Defence and Intelligence Agencies for their operations;
ii. Production of Crime Maps for Police and other Paramilitary agencies for crime detections, prevention and combating;
iii. Production of Code Maps for counter insurgency, terrorism, trans-border crimes and other criminal activities;
iv. Production and procurement of Satellite and Aerial Photography for the Defence, Paramilitary and other Intelligence Agencies;
v. Collaboration with Defence, Paramilitary and other Intelligence agencies on their Geospatial needs as it is being practiced;
vi. Heads Nigerian delegation to Defence Geospatial Intelligence Conference like the Dgi Summit in the UK; and
vii. Any other duties as may be assigned by the SGoF.