Surv. Sunday Adefarati

Structure and Functions

The Department is structured into three (3) Divisions namely:

i.         Cartography

ii.       Geographic Information System (GIS)

iii.      Printing.


i.             Production of Environmental Sensitivity Index Map (ESI) for the area prone to disaster in parts or the entire country;

ii.           Carry out quality control of cartographic symbolism on maps and their substitutes;

iii.         Production of utility maps for the entire country;

iv.          Generate policies for cartography and design pf National Atlases;

v.           Production of facilities/features guide maps for the country such as Millennium Park, Eagles’ Square, etc.

vi.          Collaboration with stakeholders to produce customized thematics maps/information;

vii.        Production of environment thematic maps;

viii.      Production of weather or climatic related maps;

ix.          Production of Forest and Agricultural related maps;

x.           Production of floods related thematic maps;

xi.          Production of other specialized maps that shall be referred to it by the Surveyor-General of the Federation;

xii.        Production of Gazette of Place Names; Schools Atlas, etc; and

xiii.      Production of manuals for Map Reading and associated activities amongst others.