Surv. Adesope Adedayo Adeniyi

Structure and Functions

The Department is structured into (3) Divisions namely:

  1. Coastal and Offshore;
  2. Inland Waterways; and
  • Lands, Water bodies (dam sites)


  1. Preparation and production of charts for all inland, coastal and offshore waterways in the Country in collaboration with the other stakeholders:
  2. Maintenance of First and Second Order Controls on the inland water areas of the country to enhance navigation and other maritime activities;
  • Execution and production of Bathymetric Survey for inland, coastal and offshore waters in collaboration with other stakeholders;
  1. Provision of Geo-data information needed along the inland and maritime waterways of the country;
  2. Preparation of charts for inland, maritime and large water bodies;
  3. Representing the country on behalf of OSGoF on international Hydrographic seminars, workshops and training both internal and external and National Hydrography Policy issues;
  • Production of Bathymetric Survey Data of lakes, large volume of water at dam sites and establishment of the Tidal Gauge and related issues;
  • Implementation and maintenance of the Sea Boundary of littoral State including the 200m Isobath;
  1. Collaboration with other stakeholders in the maritime environment for optimum performance;
  2. Collaboration of Hydrographic stakeholders for the National Hydrographic Office;
  3. Production of coastal and offshore G.I.S; and
  • Coordination and establishment of repository for National Hydrographic data infrastructure in the country, amongst others.