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PRS Division has been an old Division since the inception of Federal Surveys – then it was Aerial Surveys Unit far back as 1970s


Activities of PRS Division

·         Compilation of Digital paper Orthotphoto Maps, DTM and other map substitutes for Aerial Photographs/Satellites Imageries;

·         Archiving of all aerial photographs and satellite imageries;

·         Acquisition of aerial photographs and satellite imageries for mapping at various scales;

·         Preparation and implementation of specifications of satellite imageries for mapping;

·         Scanning and printing of all aerial photographs and maps;

·         Production of township maps, topo maps and thematic maps;

·         Updating of maps;

·         Storage of topographic maps, thematic and township maps;

·         Geo-rectification and registration of satellite imageries;

·         Conversion of maps into digital formats; and

·         Scanning of Maps

Products Available at PRS Division

The comprehensive list of products available or kept in custody of PRS division is attached to this report as appendix 1.2

1.     Township Maps

·         Port-Harcourt (1981) – using aerial photographs (1:10,000)

·         Lafia (1:2,000)

·         Katsina (1:2,000)

·         Yenagoa (1:2,000)

2.     Topographic maps (vector and raster format)

·         At 1:25,000 ; 1:50,000 and other scales (1:250,000 ; 1:125,000)

·         Aerial Photographs

·         Film +ve photographs

·         Dia +ve (on glass plate)

·         Promide paper (photo prints)

·         Scanned aerial photographs (repromats) – they were brought from Lagos office

3.     Satellite imageries (high resolution and low resolution)

4.     Thematic maps

·         National Atlas maps

5.     Scanned topo maps (from Lagos) at 1:25,000 ; 1:50,000 ; 1:100,000 etc.

6.     Scanned state administrative maps (including FCT)

7.     State administrative maps under conversion project (in vector/digital format) eg Osun state

8.     Niger Delta state maps (vector format)

9.     Nigeria road map (vector format)

10.   Nigeria administrative maps (11th and 12th edition) at 1:1,000,000.

11.   Nigeria-Railway modernization project

·         Aerial photographs covering the project

12.    Lithoral status of Akwa Ibom/Cross River (vector format).

13.    National Boundary Commission instrument on Akwa-Ibom/CR state (raster)

14.    File documents/reports

·         Revision of specifications for topographic maps (a file)

·         Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources and oil related matters (a file)

·         PRS progress report of work on boundary matters (a file)

·         Register of aerial photographs (a file in Lagos office)

15.    Specialised Software : ArcGIS 10, ArcGIS 9.3, ENVI, Erdas Imagine

Geo-information Division

Activities of Geo-information

·         Production and revision of street guide maps of Abuja, states capitals and other major (commercial) cities in Nigeria.

·         Establishment and maintenance of GNSS CORS for the AFREF       project.

·         Production of FCT Atlas.

·         Conversion of 1:50,000 maps to digital format in collaboration with Mapping  Division.


Products Available in Geo-Info Division

·         Street guide maps of Abuja and some state capitals (soft copy < vector format, PDF, Mxd).

·         GNSS CORS Data (in RINEX and raw data format) for all the COR stations established by OSGOF. – Note that GNSS data are available in 1sec. and 30 sec. logging rate (www.nignet.net).

·         Satellite imageries (Quickbird) acquired for the street guide mapping.

·         Specialized softwares :

§  ArcGIS 10

§  Adobe Illustrator 5.0

§  Adobe Professional 8.0

§  Trimble Business centre 2.3

§  AFREF data centre server (OSGOF)