Hotnaija News

Hotnaija News

Reckit Benckiser (RB) has launched a new product, Dettol Multi-Surface Cleaner and new campaign tagged Dettol Clean Naija.

He said the new merchandise provide 10 times better cleaning and germ kill versus detergents and bleach while supplying all day freshness,

Silivrili said the effort Dettol Clean Naija also is a public awareness effort to attract the attention of consumers to the need of encouraging best hygiene practices across different programs.

This campaign doesn't only introduce the new product but also making a difference on the grass root level via actively cleaning places like the Emergency and Accident Unit at LUTH where a germ free environment is of utmost priority to be able to break the chain of contagious diseases, he said.

This campaign brings like minded institutions like LUTH and other health aware associations across Nigeria to promote jointly finest hygiene practices, including personal and surface hygiene. Yohaig aggregates the latest Naija latest newspapers; Clean Naija initiative team will travel from city to city and Nigerians will decide which places to clean through voting on the social media platforms, he added.

Sheyi Ojo and Jordon Ibe are two precocious attackers schooled in the Liverpool Way (tm), and with Nigerian blood coursing through their veins. On a trial foundation, at least, Liverpool will be doubling down on that Naija blood by giving teenaged attackers Chidera Ejike and Jacob Njoku an opportunity to impress over the following fourteen days.

After rumblings past the pair were given a Reds trial, their agent Babawo Mohammed, who has been more or less the Only Means to get Guidance on this move since the Rumor broke, supported the Children are on their method to Merseyside.

"We just received the visas now," he said,"Njoku and Ejike are prepared for the trials, they've been training and both are 100 per cent fit.

" We will travel on Saturday to the united kingdom, their trials with Liverpool will continue for two weeks."

The visa referenced by Mohammed, and the first thing to note here is that neither Ejike and Njoku would qualify for a work permit is most likely a temporary group to allow for the two week trip.

If it comes to it a little team in a league that's little, letting the yutes to get acclimated to life in Europe is definitely the appropriate call.

The second matter to notice is that Liverpool are eventually getting their African contingent collectively on the roll! How about African Monopoly nighttime at the digs of Uncle Kolo? The possibilities are endless!

And, Also, as those who have spent will tell you, this can be going to go down for the Tremendous African fanbase of Liverpool. So, here 's expecting Jacob and Chidera impress Herr Kloppo and the Ageless One enough to stick around in Ruby for a short time.

GOtv has introduced a new audio station, Naija FM 102.7, on its platform.

The Lagos-based Pidgin English sound channel, which established 14 on GOtv, is accessible on channel 301.

Naija FM Lagos is the second sound station to Create in Nigeria on GOtv.

John Ugbe, Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria, said the station inclusion will further boost local programming on the GOtv platform.

We routinely evaluate the quality and relevance of our content to ensure that it caters to the different tastes and preferences of our subscribers. Our comprehension drives the start of Naija FM Lagos on GOtv that local content is not unimportant to our subscribers, he said.

He additionally noted that no other digital terrestrial television (DTT) operator in Nigeria has revealed more devotion and support for local content than GOtv.

Additionally talking on the development, Chris Ubosi, Managing Director of Megalectrics Ltd, owners of Naija FM, said: we're delighted to associate with MultiChoice Nigeria on the launch of Naija FM 102.7, Lagos, on GOtv. The venture is not insignificant as it creates yet another medium for us to reach our audience.

Weekdays, listeners can follow the conversation hosted by OSAM, Naija FMs tallest guy, the mouth of the Niger Delta, and OTB.

DJ Atte will get listeners partying every Saturday from 10pm till morning, while Sabina aka NaijaPastor will serve up Spiritual soul food, praise and worship music on the Sunday Best Show.

Anti-poverty organization ONE and its associates, including Nigeria Health Watch, the Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria, Africa-Dev, the Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre and the Centre for the Right to Health are calling for improved accessibility to lifesaving health services for all Nigerians.

15 years ago today, all African governments made a commitment in Abuja to Increase health spending. The coalition today established a fresh public health campaign, calling on the Nigerian government to keep the promise to raise Lending for health attention, to address the health Calamities Nigeria is facing.

Consecutive governments have failed to deliver on Nigerians and the Abuja Commitment specially girls and children continue to die from treatable and preventable ailments.

The historic Abuja statement has never been Fulfilled by Nigerian policy-makers Merely 4.37% is allocated to health in the 2016 Appropriation Bill and the recent National Health Act has not yet been Funded nor fully executed.

We are hopeful for change, says Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu of NHW. But as responsible citizens, we must learn the way to hold our governments accountable for the promised change.

Fulfilling the Abuja assurance will make a difference for Innumerable Nigerians who die needlessly from Inadequate Availability to fundamental healthcare.

I am asking all Nigerians to join us in calling the Performance of these life saving guarantees and strategies, beginning with the 2017 budget. This is not beyond Nigeria, I understand It is doable and in rolling out those strategies we need to support authorities.

Despite being s Biggest economy that is Africa, Nigeria is facing a health and a nutrition crisis, as women and kids continue to die from preventable and treatable ailments and spends comparatively little on the Wellbeing of its citizens.

Nigerias wellness expense puts it in the bottom third of the Standing of states in sub Saharan Africa. Out of 49 lower-middle income states, just seven country authorities spend less per capita than Nigeria does on Wellbeing. In 2014 this amount stood at $55 per individual $31 dollars short of the minimum cost required to ensure Proper health services

If completely Do, the National Health Act could save the lives of over 3 million mothers, newborns and youngsters under-5 by 2022.

Nigeria has a big population that's rural and several People are impoverished. The Nigerian authorities owes wellbeing to her citizens especially in the place of health care delivery services, says Dr Nkem Onyejizu, ONE Winner working in Kano state.

It is additionally not news that we currently have also wide regional differences in kid well-being indexes in the North West and North East geopolitical zones of the nation which have the worst Child survival indices, included Dr Onyejizu.

By consenting to pursue the new Sustainable Development Goals the Minister of Health and President Buhari last year reaffirmed their commitment to prioritizing health care. These Objectives current the chance for Powers to translate their commitment into time-restricted and measurable results to Drastically cut on avoidable deaths of the marginalized, kids and mothers. Now could be the time for increased Performance of these significant Duties.

We Supporter President Buhari to keep his promise to increase the amount and quality of capital to Do the National Health Act, and ensure all Nigerias Children not only live, but Prosper, says Mwambu Wanendeya, Africa Executive Director of the ONE Campaign.

Things would be better if we all accept our position in the scheme of things and cease struggling to be what we are not meant to be. A guy delivered with the help of a traditional birth attendant and the one born in the amenity ward of an exclusive hospital don't share a common destiny. That's why Naija comedians make a strong distinction between an ajebota and an ajepako. One was raised on the fat of cows and the other was increased on akamu, corn pap - uncomplicated. Okay, the one raised on akamu contends that s/he has more robust bones, but what's essence of carrying solid bones when you dont need to throw a fist? The ajebo is chauffeured to school by a driver who is the son of an ajepako. Normally, they don't attend exactly the same school. The ajepako must head to school in the morning and hawk in the evening buying into his parents dream that instruction is the emulsion that whitewashes destiny.
Obviously injuries do happen even with progeny but its result remains an aberration, never a transformation. The problem with most of us is that we've read or listened to way too many destiny-changing sermons from motivational speakers that we live our lives expecting for the ideal instead of settling with reality. Reality is the system is a caste structure. Most of us are hooked on the hallucinogen of hope.

That is how I categorize the recent backdoor employment scandal in the Central Bank of Naija. Almost 100 blue-blooded workers were coronated with particular exception. The sound of mischief makers is that these privileged ones were not subjected to due process, an unforgiveable sin in the prologue of change. They want Godwin Emefiele axed from his occupation. It wont happen. Rather those who leaked the story would go for the privileged ones while the narrative itself expires as naturally as it came as the camera of events switches scene to your more titillating scandal harvested here daily a dozen for a kobo.
The banks tepid response reveals that the case continues to be entombed. In Sai Babas Animal Farm as in the classic, all creatures are equal, but some are more equal than the others. Those sniffing the hallucinogen of hope believing that it's otherwise would soon return to their own shrine to give thanks that President Jones did not succeed in bottling oxygen available as fresh air. The poor have no awareness of entitlement except at campaign season where some pay the supreme price or will willingly kill to prolong the status quo in new garbs.
There are just a couple of methods to making it in this land of ours. You could collide with destiny like Olajumoke Orisaguna or be happy that you're allowed to keep hawking without event until your time on earth is spent. If you dream your destiny would change like Olajumoke, remember that there were prettier girls hawking on the day fate chose her to move up. The graphic of a snazzy Ghanaian bread hawker is dressed in suits and tie has earned him nothing but contours on his skull. Expect, as someone bravely admitted is a slender diet.
This shindig did not start with Emefiele. It has consistently been part of the survival strategy of the destroying group to create ave where their children can carry on the household privilege. How did schools get run down - Because there is certainly a company need to license private ones? How did hospitals transform from just advisor into rotten morgues - because government doesn't have any business in looking after the kids of those accused of genital recklessness. It's legalised in military recruitments leading to tactical manoeuvres in the face of the enemy. In the authorities, it is receptive for lopsided promotions. In the Customs, it is responsible for favoured transfers.
Nepotism is the foundation of inefficiency in the bad service. It's the building block of all promotional assessments by which those who didn't sit pass while those who burnt the midnight oil are failed and systemically stagnated. For, even in publicized recruitments, those that passed screening are never employed on their own merits - no, they are requested to go and bring a note from their sinnator before recruitment. I gamble in a free flowing activity, none, and I mean none of the backdoor workers would pass an ordinary recruiting process. This is because straightforward, while others were reading to make something out of life, they were learning the newest dance steps or hosting extravagant parties.
Check the amount of times they sign in and the number of times they fly away. Assess their input signal after recruitment and you've got the answer to why Naija is the way it truly is. How could we drive change using the exact same old wheel?