Cadastral and Legal Survey

Products Available in Cadastral Division

1. Survey Plans for all FG lands and properties (hardcopy and vector/digital formats) - hosted in CARTO LAB. The following survey plans are available:
* Plans for site and services;
* Plans for Shagari Low Cost Housing Schemes;
* Plans for Prototype Housing Schemes;
* Plans for Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) properties;
*Plans for clearing and forwarding;
* Plans for PHCN (office and residential);
* Plans for CBN properties;
* Plans for Private and Public Partnership (PPP) properties;


* Presidential Implementation Committee (PIC) Houses (As built) (in vector and hardcopy formats); and

2. Scanned copies of all the survey plans (domiciled in CADGIS lab).
3. Digitized (soft) copies of survey plans (in progress) – domiciled in CADGIS lab.
4. Cadastral Framework (National) Data (2007) (2nd order controls) – domiciled in CADGIS lab and DD (Cadastral) Office (in both hardcopy and softcopy). The softcopies are stored in CDs/External Hard-drives. The following are the components of the control data :
- 66 controls in each state of the Federation, but that of Akwa-Ibom and Delta were not submitted.
- Computation sheets
- Coordinate Register
- Reports
- Description sheets of the controls (scanned and hardcopy)
5. Control Extension of Cadastral Framework Data (2012) - Beaconing
- 6 beacons in each of the NW states (with Kaduna having 7) except Jigawa (due to boundary issues).
- 6 beacons in each of the SW states except Lagos which has 7 beacons because it is a zonal headquarter).
NB: GPS observation is yet to be carried out.
6. Township maps (CAD GIS)
· Umuiah Township Maps (1:2,000) (100km2) – in progress.
· Akwa Township Maps (1:2,000) – (in progress) (100km2)
· Gusau Township Maps
7. Converted Item Register (in digital format) – in progress (domiciled in CADGIS lab).
2.2 Legal Survey Division
2.2.1 Products available in Legal Survey Division

Title Deed plans for all Federal Government Landed Properties; and
C of O Documents for all FG landed properties.