Geodesy and Special Surveys

Products Available

Coordinate Data for Trig Stations
Coordinate Data for GPS Stations (1988/89 GPS Observations in hard and soft copies)
Coordinate Data for GPS Control Extension project (Since 2006)
Coordinate Data for Cross River State GIS Project
Coordinate Data for Mines and steels Project
Coordinate Data for NASRDA GPS Project (1st order GPS Point – about 108 Points across the Country) – In hard and soft copy.

Street Guides of State capitals – Data for ground truthing/ verification project that was executed by all the Chief Resident Surveyors. (no records)
Equipment (Hardware and software)
Files /Reports for Geodetic Control Projects
Coordinate Data for first order Traverses ( mainly for western region)
Maps Shewing the location of all the Observed GPS Pillars (1st and 2nd order )
Maps shewing both the old Trig pillars and the corresponding GPS observed pillars.

(xiii) Imageries: Some satellite imageries had been procured for Flood Plain Mapping, for instance, Usman Dam in Bwuri Area Council of Federal Capital Territory;
(xiv) Available Data: Available Data are in softcopy and hardcopy in format