Cadastral and Legal Survey

(i) Responsible for cadastral and legal survey of government properties including housing and landed properties nationwide
(ii) Providing horizontal and vertical controls on project sites to aid setting out and profiling
(iii) Establishing/extension of controls for cadastral survey projects
(iv) Establishing and maintaining the Cadastral Geographic Information System (CGIS) for the creation and maintenance of the digital cadastral database

(v) Representing the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation in court as an expert witness on public and private properties litigations
5.0 Survey Coordination Department
(i) Managing the pool of surveyors in the Federal Civil Service
(ii) Production and updating of technical manuals, instructions and specification(s) for surveying and mapping projects
(iii) Coordinating survey activities all over the country in line with the Survey Co-ordination Act of 1962 as amended
(iv) Creating/updating the geospatial data bank for the Federal Government
(v) Monitoring all survey activities in the country in liaison with the States’ Surveyor General
(vi) Coordinating the zonal offices of the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation.