Zonal Directorates

The Structure of the Office of the Surveyor General of Nigeria is such that has 6 zonal-directorates. These Zonal directorates include

(i)Preparations for Promotion of Senior and Junior Staff: The APD Division has concluded preparations for the 2012 promotion of both senior and junior Officers. This is being done in liaison with the FCSC and OHSCF. 

(ii)Computerization of Records: All records in the Open and Secret Registry have been digitalized. All records in the Registry are now accessible electronically.  

(iii)Review of Variation of Staff Emolument: The Department processed all variations of Personal Emolument arising from annual increments, conversion and promotion on which applications were received from staff concerned. 

(iv) The Department got approval for 1,208 authorized establishments for 2012 which Created vacancy posts for promotion and recruitment across all the cadres. 

(v)The Department successfully merged the Cadastral Nominal Roll with OSGOF Nominal Roll to form a comprehensive OSGOF Nominal Roll which has put an end to the hitherto problem of double Nominal Rolls in OSGOF. 

(vi)The Department also got approval for proper staffing of the Office following the New Restructuring of OSGOF. With   The 1,208 authorized establishments for 2012 obtained from OHCSF, OSGOF now has a total of 412 actual vacancies across all cadres. 

  • The newly employed Officers on salary GL 03-06 were trained on 8th May, 2012, at the Chamber Hall Surveyor Registration Council of Nigeria (SURCON) building.


  • Forty-six (46) Copies of publications were received in the library from January to date. This is addition to the books brought down from the Lagos Liaison Office to the Headquarters between January and April, 2012.


  • The Department got management approval to dispense with the services of Profile Security Service (PSS) with effect from 30th September, 2012. In its place, officers of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) have been engaged to provide security for the office premises