Finance-DirectorFinance and Accounts Department is a Service Department in the Office of the Surveyor-General

of the Federation (OSGOF) scheduled with the responsibility of Receipts and expenditure on behalf of Government.


In achieving this, the Department works in line with the provisions of the Financial Regulation and the Accounting Codes as overall as the provisions of other Financial Authorities.


The Main duties of Finance and Accounts department OSGOF are listed below:


a.      Ensuring compliance with Financial Regulation and Accounting code.


b.     Ensuring adequate supervision of the disbursement of funds.


c.     Ensure proper monitoring and Accounting for Revenue.


d.     Advising the Accounting Officer/Chief Executive on all financial matters.


e.     Ensure Proper Accounting records are maintained.


f.      Ensuring prompt rendition of all returns e.g. Consolidated Accounts (Monthly transcripts). Bank reconciliation Statements, Revenue and Expenditure Returns etc.

Compiling and defending of the Budget proposals and ensuring effective budgeting control